Men of Vision

The Men of Vision Department is comprised of men 18 and over that visit or are members of FCOB. We are a brotherhood of believers; we refer to ourselves as a band of brothers dedicated to evangelization and edification of the body of Christ. Our main emphasis is the spiritual strengthening of the men at FCOB; we strive to minister to the social and emotional needs of the men in our church. Read More.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministries comprise a group of motivated women of God, united in the cause of the Lord. The mission is to bring unsaved women to know Jesus Christ, minister to their physical, social, emotional as well as their spiritual needs. Read More.


Our classes are Biblical education in action and the foundation of the house. It carries out the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20. Jesus wants us to ‘Reach, Teach, and Win the Lost.’ Our classes are a must for growth toward maturity. Its main focus is to reach individuals according to God’s method which nurtures Christians towards maturity. Our classes protect the church’s future. A Bible-teaching class is necessary to preserve a Biblical church. It carries out the aims and mission of the church. Read More.

Evangelism Ministry

The evangelism ministry exists as an arm of the local church to give the church a voice in the community. Its motto is “winning the lost at any cost” (Acts 1:8 even to the ends of the earth). As an arm of the local church, the Evangelism Ministry assists in the planning and execution of events that are geared towards the salvation of souls. Read More.

Youth Department

The mission of the Youth Department is to aid young people in making sound, Biblical life choices and their sense of responsibility as well as to increase their participation in local and community activities. In the first place this means creating the prerequisites for moral and ideological growth; secondly it means facilitating and enhancing their skills, motivation and experiences in civic interaction, and thirdly it means shouldering responsibilities for young people’s social risks and place in society. Read More.

Children’s Church Department

Need write-up on Children’s Church Read More.

Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteering our time is one of the major factors that bring unity in our church. There are many opportunities and available areas in which you can volunteer. Read More.