We give our talent, time, and treasure.
~ Luke 6:38 ~

We believe that giving is a part of worship!

At the First Church of the Open Bible, we believe that giving comes in the forms of giving of talent through your gifts and strengths, giving of your time through service to others, and giving of your treasure through tithes and offerings. 

GIVING OF YOUR TALENT and TIME: Building and sustaining the Kingdom of God here on earth requires all of us to do our part by providing service to others with our God-given talents, gifts, and purpose.   

GIVING OF YOUR TREASURE: If you’ve never given before, we invite you to take the challenge and put God to the test. (Malachi 3:10).  In the Bible, we learn there are two different types of giving: tithes and offerings.  The tithe is our baseline standard for giving. Under the Old Testament Law, Israelites were required to give a tithe of their earnings.  The Apostle Paul in the New Testament says believers should regularly set aside a portion of their income to support the church (1 Corinthians 16:1-2).  When we give the first 10% of our income (tithe) to the church, we put God first in our lives.  An offering is when we feel called to give generously above and beyond, when we see a need and are moved to meet it. 

Options to Give

1. Offering Basket or Mail

Old school still works! Drop a check or cash in the offering basket during the church service or mail/drop
off during church office hours. You can use the contribution envelopes to indicate your tithe and/or

2. Text Message

First Time? Type a text: FCOBONLINE and send it to: 77977

Within a few minutes, you will be sent a text with a link to register.
Click on the link and enter your cardholder name and credit or debit card information.
Once your registration is complete, you will receive a text verification and a receipt via email.

For future giving, simply Type text: FCOBONLINE and send it to: 77977 with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically. 

3. Simply, Click on the GIVE

You will be redirected to our secure PushPay website.
Enter the amount you wish to give. Choose from “Give one time” or “Set up reoccurring “.
Then follow the remaining steps as instructed.